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All piano teachers have been in a situation of need a special music for his/her student. Something sophisticated and according to the student’s piano level. Also, something musically challenging, that could be taught by rote or imitation and with a different, exotic and beautiful sonority.

Aline Boyd could not find what she was looking for and after discussing about that with Daniel Taborda, Aline suggested Daniel to compose some music for her students. She emphasized the need of different flavors and colors.  As a result of that, Daniel wrote the first collection called “Paradise feathers” and along with this collection many other pieces started being created with the idea of sharing them with other piano teachers and their students.

Aline is having great success using the pieces with her students. They loved them!

Then Alda Music Publisher was born, a publisher that focuses on piano repertoire for all different ages and levels. “Al” is from Aline and “Da” is from Daniel. A perfect partnership between a pianist and a composer for an innovative project!

The ideia since the beginning was to provide those pieces through a website where piano teachers and piano students could download them in a PDF format. In this way, the customer could print the music immediately after the download. The idea was also to provide a website in different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Daniel and Aline were looking for an expansion in Latin America and then, they invited the Brazilian pianist Mirka da Pieva to be part of this partnership. Now here, there are three friends doing what they love the most: Composing, teaching and sharing their music!

We hope you can find here that music you are looking for yourself or for your student. Visit our website and see all our collections, take advantage of all Alda Music Publisher can offer to you.



Daniel Taborda

Aline Boyd

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Esteban Pérez Higuita

Esteban is a young and talented graphic designer who has helped us a lot in this project. He is the one who designs all the illustrations we use on this website and our piano collections.

Esteban was born on August 4 in 2000 and he is currently finishing his high school studies in the municipality of Ciudad Bolivar – Antioquia in Colombia.