Myths and Legends Mysterious and Fun to Play!!!

monst adv


These pieces are pieces based in myths and legends from different places and cultures.

You will learn cool stories with different characters. You will learn also music with mysterious sounds and atmospheres. 

These are seasonal pieces for Halloween, but they can be played anytime. They sound cool.

The Monster of the Alto Clef

I am Clefalto, but everyone call me the Monster of the Alto Clef  because I love to read music using this clef. If you look carefully, I also have in my hand a claw that is a cool figurine with the shape of the alto clef.

Some people think that reading music in alto clef is hard, but it’s just a matter of practicing. Do not be afraid, piano music usually uses treble and bass clefs. Now if you want to be a conductor, you will have to learn to read music using the “scary” alto clef.

Join me to play and learn songs based on different myths and legends from many places and communities around the world.


The songs in this collection don’t use alto clef, but if you want to request one of our special services for this collection, please contact us.

The service consists in a version of any of this pieces arranged to practice and learn how to read music using alto clef. This special service is for those teachers that have students with the desire to become a conductor. Maybe this music if perfect for you to introduce him/her to alto clef reading and playing.